Our history

Our Restaurant is located at the Warsaw Old Town Square, works here since the sixties of the twentieth century. Always enjoyed huge popularity among tourists visiting the capital. We hosted many outstanding personalities from the world of art, sport and politics. We served the ambassador of Japan, the ambassador of France, the ministers. Today, after renovation and modernization Kamienne Schodki returns to the forefront of the Old Town locals.

Piotr Koszek

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Premium quality and style

When you sit with us at the table, you forget your worries and anxieties! Our hobby fad is elegance and charm but without the stiffness and formality typical of expensive premises. Location in the Old Town is committed – there is no place for plastic, controversial color, improvisation. It is comfort and functionality while maintaining a classic design.

High-class service

Our qualified staff provides clients with professional service. The waiters are experienced, discreet and always cheerful. The chef exudes ideas and can offer always something original – if you want to spend a unique party. We preper great coffee and tea! We have our – uncommon brand of the beverages. For fans of something stronger we prepare classic or sophisticated, original compositions of cocktails and drinks.

Rich, adapted menu

There are places where we return for tastes! Our cuisine combines tradition and modernity in a memorable way. As a result, we have regular customers who love the original dishes from our offer.

  • the richness of fruits and vegetables
  • aromatic herbs and mushrooms
  • an interesting way of serving
  • many ways to prepare meats, soups, desserts
  • blaze spices, freshly baked bread

PR and media

Kamienne Schodki has good opinion in media sources! During Euro 2012 Football Cup our restaurant was visited by ITV station reporter Harry Hesp. He enjoed polish cousine and tried to find out what is Żurek… See the spot on Youtube!

Wi-Fi available